MAID OF METTLE – a female fronted, symphonic-influenced hard rock/metal band, hails from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Founded and fronted by singer, songwriter Deanna Whalen in 2010, Maid Of Mettle draws from a wide range of influences from Evanescence, Dream Theater, H.I.M., Disturbed and Within Temptation just to name a few. Heavy but melodic guitars, Bass and Drums, soaring, ethereal vocals and harmonies with strings woven in, complete the symphonic-influenced sound.  Drama (the good kind), theatrical, ethereally colored,  quality written, produced and performed songs and stage show are what you can expect from Maid Of Mettle.

Deanna Whalen

Deanna has studied Bel Canto (Italian Opera) for eight years under the tutelage of opera Diva, Bronya Dvorak and has been performing and writing since the early 90’s in many genres including Irish Folk, Country and R & B. Deanna has had photos appear in Italian Vogue magazine.  She teaches Bel Canto on occasion in her off time.  Favorite singers are: Patsy Cline, Celine Dion, Sara Mclaughlin, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox, Geoff Tate, Myles Kennedy, Amy Lee, Ivan Moody and her Dad, legendary Bluegrass musician, Tommy Boyd.